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MSNBC’s Jean-Pierre said, “I wanted to say the xenophobia and racism in the outbreak is such a common thing. We’ve seen it in past health outbreaks we’ve seen in this country’s history.”

“The problem is it’s coming directly from the president of the United States. It is incredibly dangerous. It is problematic, and it is scary. I just want to call that out squarely,” she added.

“You do have people in the Asian-American community whose lives are at risk. For the president to call it a Chinese virus or foreign virus, that’s so dangerous and not a good thing to do obviously.”

“In a public health crisis, you need the president, you need our leaders to be consistent,” Jean-Pierre added.

Jean-Pierre continued, “Donald Trump has not given us consistency. One week it’s a hoax. One week it is a crisis. Then the next week, we have a somber, very focused Donald Trump. Five hours later, he is like a wrecking ball on Twitter. Again, that is dangerous, that is scary, and that is not helpful. Donald Trump has 72 million followers on his Twitter account.”

“Imagine if he used that to share important guidelines from CDC or to give factual information to people who are incredibly worried about what’s happening right now in our country. Instead, he attacks Democratic governors,” she said.

“Instead, he tweets about Hillary Clinton. He talks about ratings on the TV show. Yeah, you could say there’s some sort of political trajectory here. He’s throwing red meat at his base, but this is not the time for that. We need leadership, and he needs to be consistent,” Jean-Pierre concluded.

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