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The White House has issued an official veto threat against Pelosi’s $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill, according to Fox News.

“We’re putting our offer on the table, we’re open to negotiation,” Pelosi said. “This is really quite an exciting time for us because we have a monumental need for our country at this sad time,” Pelosi said.

However, the White House issued an official veto threat on the legislation. The Trump administration accuses the Democrats of wanting to pass “long-standing partisan and ideological wish lists,” rather than addressing the nation’s public health and economic problems.

The White House chided Democrats for making certain undocumented immigrants eligible for the second round of $1,200 direct payments, for including a $25 billion “bailout” for the U.S. Postal Service and for funding vote-by-mail and same-day registration priorities.

But at the Capitol, Pelosi framed the legislation — the biggest relief package in history — as a necessary expense to deal with the unprecedented economic and health crisis that has left nearly 85,000 Americans dead and 36 million jobless.

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Pelosi unveiled the new coronavirus-related stimulus bill that borrows a whopping $3,000,000,000,000 from future generations.

Pelosi wrote the bill without any input from House Republican members and did not even try to conceal “a massive tax break for the super-rich in predominately blue states and directs taxpayer money to illegal aliens,” the Daily Wire reports.

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“It is imperative that we address the needs of the American people with clarity on how we proceed,” Pelosi said via the report. “That is why today House Democrats are introducing the HEROES Act, named for our heroes, whose provisions are largely based on the four previous bipartisan bills we have passed. The HEROES Act focus on three pillars, opening our economy safely and soon, honoring our heroes, and then putting much-needed money into the pockets of the American people.”

The Daily Wire reports Pelosi’s bill would specifically aid “Democrat strongholds”:

Buried deep inside her bill is a measure that would “reinstate the so-called SALT itemized deduction for 2020 and 2021,” CNBC reported. “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which went into effect in 2018, limited the amount of state and local tax deductions filers could claim on their tax returns to $10,000.”

The move would mostly benefit residents in high-tax states like California, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut — all of which are Democrat strongholds.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Democrat-turned-Republican Senator John Kennedy rebuffed Pelosi over the bill and said he was “so disappointed” in her.

“In my opinion, the speaker has moved from folly to farce,” Kennedy said during an interview with Fox News Tuesday evening. “And when I saw it, it reminded me of that old Jack Nicholson line: ‘Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.’”

The lawmaker went on to describe the bill as “not a serious or mature effort to legislate, it’s dead as fried chicken in the Senate.”

“It’s dead as fried chicken with the American people once they find out what’s in it,” he repeated. “She knows that, and everybody who has a brain above a single-cell organism knows that. It’s just political pageantry.”

“Her bill would require us to borrow $3 trillion,” Kennedy continued. “That’s 3,000 billion dollars that our kids have got to pay back. Her bill would rewrite our immigration laws. Her bill would release many federal prisoners.”

“I was hoping for a serious, mature, honest effort. But that’s not what this represents,” Kennedy added.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn called the bill a “liberal wishlist” and said Pelosi was wasting her time with it:

The Washington Examiner reports the Democratic bill would provide an “additional $1,200 cash payments to individuals,” including illegal immigrants.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new coronavirus relief package is set to appoint billions of dollars to eligible illegal aliens, grants to sanctuary cities and other protections for the undocumented community, according to the Daily Caller.

The bill which is deemed the HEROES Act will provide $3 trillion in stimulus funds to state and local governments, as well as other industries affected by the virus.

The legislation, which was created largely without bipartisan support, includes $500 billion for state governments and $375 billion for local governments.

The massive 1,815-page bill showed that it includes billions in payments to individuals who are living in the United States illegally.

Preston Huennekens, a government relations associate said, “FAIR estimates there are 14.3 million illegal aliens, meaning that in the last stimulus alone illegal aliens could have received over $17 billion in direct payments from the Federal government.”

“This bill provides other relief to illegal aliens outside of the recovery rebates. Take for instance the eviction protection for renters. The way the bill is written, illegal aliens also benefit from that protection because it is so broadly written.”

“House Democrats prioritizing foreign workers, legal and illegal, over unemployed and underemployed Americans in the middle of a crisis is shameful,” said Numbers USA president Roy Beck.

He also pointed out there was provisions in the bill that would “expedite the permanent importation of foreign health care professionals, apparently to take the jobs of the tens of thousands of American health care professionals who have been laid off or furloughed during the pandemic.”

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More from Daily Caller:

The HEROES Act, for example, calls on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to release all illegal aliens under Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention who do not pose a “threat to public safety or national security.” The bill also provides $300 million in federal grants to law enforcement agencies, and specifically forbids the Trump administration from withholding these funds from agencies that refuse to cooperate with ICE, also known as “sanctuary cities.”

The HEROES Act, if it passes the House, is not expected to make it past the Republican-controlled Senate. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy called the bill a “liberal wishlist that has no chance of becoming law” in a statement Tuesday.