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Breitbart reported on NBC’s Law & Order leading man Chris Meloni’s outburst on Twitter comparing children that supported President Trump to “Nazi Youth”, a group that coerced children into adopting the Nazi philosophy at a young age.

Charles Blow, a New York Times columnist posted a video this week to Twitter showing a woman talking with two children about the Republican National Convention that is scheduled for August. The children are wearing smiles and “United States of Awesome” t-shirts and they happily tell the woman with smiles and fist pumps that President Trump fights for their freedom and keeps them safe.

Chris Meloni retweeted the post commenting sarcastically “So. CUTE!”. The tv tough guy detective continued; “Not since watching Nazi Youth newsreel footage have I felt this way. Heil Trump!”

Law & Order: SVU recently announced that Meloni would be reprising his role as Detective Elliot Stabler that he played on NBC for twelve years in an upcoming spinoff show.

This is not the first time that Meloni has employed dramatics to represent his contempt for President Trump and distrust of his administration. When the Justice Department dropped charges again President Trump’s fromer National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Meloni tweeted his fears of progress towards an authoritarian government.

Meloni wrote; “Justice Dept. moves to drop case against Michael Flynn, former Trump adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI”.

“We take another step closer to corrupt authoritarian rule”, the Law & Order Star concluded.

H/T Breitbart