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The hackers that stole confidential files regarding megastars including Lady Gaga have allegedly sold all of their “dirty laundry” on President Donald Trump to a secret buyer.

According to Fox News, now they’re demanding $1 million for details on superstar Madonna.

The hacker group called REvil cyber-attacked top entertainment attorney Allen Grubman’s NYC law firm and stole 756 gigabytes of documents on stars including Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey and U2.

Their requested ransom doubled to $42 million after Grubman refused to pay.

The FBI is considering the hack “an act of terrorism.”

The hackers posted to the dark web, “The next person we’ll be publishing is Donald Trump … We found a ton of dirty laundry.”

It’s unclear why the hackers tied Grubman to Trump, who has never been a client of the entertainment lawyer.

Then on Monday, REvil revealed the Trump documents were off the market, stating, “Interested people contacted us and agreed to buy all the data about the US president …We are pleased with the deal and keep our word.”

They added, “We are preparing to auction Madonna data … The buyer has the right to do whatever he sees fit with the data.”

More from Fox News:

It is not known what was in the alleged Trump trove, but sources who viewed a sample on the hackers’ site said it related to snarky mentions of Trump in e-mails from Grubman’s clientele.