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Chrissy Teigan openly scrutinized her “rich” and famous friends for nagging her in efforts to receive freebies from her growing cooking brand, despite being able to pay for the products at retail prices, according to Fox News.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model turned entrepreneur’s Cravings brand has been under heavy criticism in the media.

After a New York Times columnist, Alison Roman went on a rant about the likes of the brand, Teigan admitted she was “hurt.”

Teigan took to Instagram to talk about her brand, and reposted Instagram Stories from her famous friends, such as Kourtney Kardashian and Shay Mitchell, for thanking her for their Cravings gift boxes.

She noted that some people are asking for freebies despite the fact that they could pay for the products.

“Please don’t ask for a box,” Teigen wrote on her own Instagram story shortly after. “My marketing budget is not infinite but my love for you is. Also I see some of u asking and you’re literally rich.”

“Then I started making my own and holy s–t it’s a ton of work,” Teigen said before praising her team for helping her. “It’s very curated. It is like a labor of love.”

“That was honestly just meant for my friends who are literally writing, saying, ‘Mine hasn’t gotten here yet.’ Well, that’s because I didn’t send it to you. Just kidding…kind of,” Teigen joked.

“Maybe that comes from someone putting it in your head that we’re just a content farm of endless money and just got so big so fast but I promise we didn’t, as great as it looks,” Teigen noted.

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Teigen then shared a video of herself from the couch claiming that she used to be one of those people who would donate packages gifted to her from other celebrities touting their start-up businesses.

She then gave her millions of followers some more insight into her rant against the “rich.” She explained she was referring to her friends blowing up her phone asking where their Cravings boxes are.

Teigen then claimed her business is not as big or as “easy” as everyone assumes. She followed that up with taking shots at Roman, who said in a recent interview that she was “horrified” by Teigen’s success in the food industry.

Roman has since apologized to Teigen for her comments, causing the model to go on a temporary hiatus from Twitter.