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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wrote a message for “white people” on social media, according to Fox News.

“Dear White People: We are the ones that need to change,” Cuban wrote to twitter.

“This is not one man’s story. This is almost every black man’s story. Which is why the problem is ours,” he continued.

“We need to find OUR way to change what we do. There is no quick fix. It’s a moral imperative,” he tweeted.

In addition to the message, Cuban shared an article from Emerson College President M. Lee Pelton. Cuban was in Dallas on Sunday to participate in a vigil to honor the memory of Floyd.

When asked what specifically he needs to change, Cuban responded: “I used to think treating people equally meant treating them the same. Like it was a math equation. I was wrong. I’m learning that treating people equally means treating them with equal amounts of respect, for who they are and what they have experienced.”

Cuban is among the owners, players and coaches in the professional sports realm who have spoken out about racial injustice since Floyd’s death.

Floyd’s police-involved death last week kicked off widespread protests and unrest across the nation. Video showed Floyd was in custody when Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin held his knee on the man’s neck. Floyd screamed for help and later died. Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, authorities said Friday.

According to Fox News, police officers were target across the U.S. last night.

In St. Louis, Mo. four police officers were shot during protests in the city’s downtown area.

“Some coward” shot at officers while standing on the side of a police line, according to Police Chief John Hayden.

“As we speak we’re trying to get control out of this city, still hearing gunfire and everything,” Hayden said. I don’t know what else to say. This is horrible. Thank God, they’re alive.”

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“The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that all of the officers were conscious and breathing after being rushed to the hospital,” Fox concluded.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, an officer was shot in the head at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino on the Strip, according to Fox News.

A source told 8News Now that the officer was in a fight with another suspect when someone walked up behind and shot the officer.

Now the office is on life support.

Meanwhile, in Richmond, Va., two police officers and a suspect were injured after a shooting, according to NBC12.

RPD officers were called to investigate a report of an armed person on Semmes Avenue early Tuesday morning. When they arrived, gunfire erupted. The two cops and the suspect were taken to local hospitals.

In Buffalo, N.Y., an SUV plowed through a group of law enforcement during a Floyd demonstration, injuring at least two officers.

Video posted by a witness showed a line of officers, backed up by an armored personnel carrier, rushing and tackling a man who was being interviewed by a man with a TV camera about 9:30 p.m.

Moments later, officers ran as the SUV barreled through a cluster, with at least one appeared to go under the vehicle’s wheels. The SUV was then able to drive round an armored vehicle and speed off.

In a similar incident in the Bronx in New York City, an NYPD officer investigating reports of break-ins was struck by a vehicle early Tuesday in a hit-and-run. The officer is in a stable condition.

And in another incident in the Bronx, an NYPD officer was attacked by several men as witnesses recorded the incident.