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Jeffrey Epstein allegedly had a secret girlfriend who was a children’s book author, whose nickname is “Chocolate Sauce,” according to the New York Post.

Shelley Anne Lewis, 43, remained unknown until the latest trove of unsealed court documents were publicized.

Lewis reportedly touted herself as a “spiritual entrepreneur” — and runs a “sacred space” in New York City.

According to the court documents, Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly begged Epstein to get “Shelley” to publicly announce in the 2000s that she — not Maxwell — was the pedophile’s ex.

Lewis reportedly frequently Epstein’s private jet and his private island.

“Shelley was always very well connected and beautiful. I am shocked and saddened,” a former colleague told the UK paper of her apparent romantic ties to the notorious late pedophile.

Lewis has not publicly commented on the matter since the latest release of documents.

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She has, however, appeared to delete all social media accounts.

“Ms. Lewis may have information which could be valuable and which could aid victims who are seeking compensation from Epstein’s estate. We would urge her to tell the FBI what she knows,” an unidentified lawyer for some of the accusers told the paper.

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Lewis would have been 22 when she is said to have started dating Epstein in 1999, when he was 46.

She also reportedly praised Epstein for being a free thinker, who was “so original in all his thought processes that he couldn’t even see the box,” according to the report.

“My already inquisitive and curious nature evolved. I supposed it gave me a kind of ‘anything is possible’ mentality,” she reportedly said.

More from New York Post:

She now runs a “spirituality-oriented” children’s publishing house named after her nickname, “Chocolate Sauce” — as well as a Big Apple meditation center, Sacred Space NY, which aims to “help New Yorker’s unplug from the frenetic pace of the city and cultivate practices for Inner Peace.”

Lewis also wrote a bestselling children’s book — “A Key To The Heart,” which garnered praise from the likes of first lady Laura Bush and Harry Potter series author JK Rowling — along with spiritual blog articles, her bio states.

The self-titled “spiritual entrepreneur” was tied to Epstein in part by flight logs from the period — many of which showed her flying alone with him to New York and his private island, Little Saint James, the Mail said.

While she has not been accused of any wrongdoing or tied to the allegations against Epstein, she could be of keen interest to prosecutors or lawyers for Epstein’s accusers, sources told the UK paper.