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During a protest in Washington, D.C., police sent a clear message to demonstrators who were not following orders, according to BizPacReview.

Police decked out in riot gear moved to disperse crowds lingering after an anti-police protest, and forcefully confronted people blocking a street in a van painted with Black Lives Matter signs.

Trump did not hold back his thoughts on the matter.

President Trump said Mayor Bowser “should arrest these agitators and thugs!Clean up D.C. or the Federal Government will do it for you. Enough!!!”

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Black Lives Matter protesters had gathered for the second straight night of demonstrations and, following the end of a march at Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House, got into confrontations with police, the Washington Post reported.

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“These individuals ignited fireworks, intentionally set fires, as well as threw projectiles–including glass, bricks and smoke grenades, at officers in the area. Additionally, lasers were used to visually impair officers,” the MPD spokesperson said in an email.

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A van noted by some social media users as the “Riot Snack Van” that was reportedly seen in nightly riots in Portland was amid the crowds of protesters in D.C. Sunday. Metropolitan Police Department officers began pushing the crowds back after objects were reportedly thrown at them. The driver of the van appeared not to heed the orders to stop the vehicle.

An officer quickly approached the spray-painted van and smashed the window, ordering the driver to stop. Video showed the MPD officer ordering the driver to put the vehicle in park and get out. It was not clear if the driver, who was seen briefly on the ground, was arrested as he and a passenger in the van were removed.