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Fox News reports, Sean Hannity blamed NBC News of turning its town hall with President Trump into a “political debate.”

Hannity stated, “NBC fake News did their best to ambush President Trump at tonight’s town hall.”

“He pretty much debated Savannah Guthrie and what we all witnessed was not journalism, it was a political debate with the morning host of the ‘Today’ show serving as a Joe Biden surrogate and it didn’t really work out well for her. Questions, topics, tactics all reeking of nothing but pure political bias.”

Instead of allowing voters the floor, Guthrie spent the majority of time grilling trump on masks and white supremacy.

“In the first few minutes, the president was once again asked — for the 400 millionth time — to repeat what he has said over and over again, to condemn White supremacy,” Hannity said.

Hannity reiterated, “President Trump has condemned, Savannah, white supremacy over and over and over and over again.”

“And if you didn’t know, you should have known.”

“At this point,” he added, “the abusively biased MSNBC is using the White supremacy lie once again to smear the president. They don’t care about facts, they don’t care about research, they don’t care about truth, they don’t care about fundamental fairness, especially not MSDNC news, which is completely corrupt, as we saw tonight.”

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Frank Luntz asked, “How long will NBC go before giving an actual voter the chance to ask a question?”

White House Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, “A third of the way into the NBC town hall and NO questions from the PEOPLE!!!”

From Fox News:

“Savannah Guthrie posture toward Trump compared to Lester Holt’s toward Biden is night and day,” The Hill media reporter Joe Concha wrote, recalling a previous NBC News town hall with the Democratic nominee.