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According to Fox News, Leo Terrell calls out Joe Biden for his failure to address issues impacting the Black community during his 36-year career in the United States Senate, during a segment on his new Fox Nation show “Larry & Leo 2.0.”

“Donald Trump has signed executive orders to reform police reform, he has lowered Black unemployment, he has funded historically Black colleges,” Terrell said.

“I see all these things that Donald Trump has done, and I’ve been a civil rights attorney for 30 years, I don’t know what Joe Biden has done for Black people other than insulting Black people.”

“I’ve been a civil rights attorney for 30 years and I don’t know anything Joe Biden has done,” Terrell said.

From Fox News:

Earlier this year, Biden told a New York City morning radio program that if African Americans were unsure whether to support him or Trump, they “ain’t Black.” The Delaware Democrat later expressed regret for those comments.

Terrell, who has previously said on Fox News that the Democratic Party “left” him, also blames Biden for incarcerating a disproportionate number of Black Americans with his support of the 1994 crime bill, contrasting it to Trump’s support of the First Step Act.

Terrell, a lifelong Democrat, says his support for the president is driven by Trump’s record and the media’s hostility toward his administration.

“He can’t do enough,” he says, “…. and to me, it’s just outright shameful.”

“If the man discovered a cure for cancer,” co-host Larry Elder adds, “he’d be sued for throwing doctors out of work.”