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Joe Biden has surpassed the amount of votes of all U.S. presidential candidates, including his former running mate, Barack Obama, according to Fox News.

As of midnight on Thursday, November 5th, Joe Biden amassed a whopping 72 million votes.

Comparatively, President Trump rang in roughly 68.5 million votes, and could potentially exceed Obama’s record.

Obama received 69,498,516 million votes.

Rogers Smith, a political science professor at the University of Pennsylvania spoke with the New York Times to discuss the topic.

“This was an extraordinary election that appears to have spurred one of the highest turnouts in a century.”

“That means that both candidates are going to receive larger vote totals than they would have in the past.”

More from Fox News:

While Democrat Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the White House in 2016, she beat Trump in the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. Every Democratic presidential candidate since 2000 has won the popular vote — with the exception of former Secretary of State John Kerry in 2004.

While the Electoral College gives Republicans a slight edge in recent elections, Democrats have an edge in the popular vote due to high-population, solidly blue states like California and New York.