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Kayleigh McEnany made a prediction that President Trump will win the presidential election by about 40,000 votes in Pennsylvania, according to Fox News.

“Philadelphia, in particular, has a history of very peculiar results,” The White House Press Secretary revealed.

“You had 59 different precincts where Mitt Romney got precisely zero votes [in 2012], which is very unlikely and curious indeed … You had a Democrat individual who was charged for — in 2014, 2015, and in 2016, — stuffing the ballot box with fraudulent ballots,” she explained.

“So we want to be on alert. ”

“That’s what this lawsuit is all about, free, transparent, observation of what’s going on in Philadelphia,” she said. “Right now, we are not being given that.”

“That’s why we are doing the recounts in Wisconsin, why we’re looking at Michigan as well having the poll observers,” McEnany added.

“We’re looking, but we believe the path runs through Arizona, Pennsylvania, keeping Georgia, which we’re already in the lead there.”

From Fox News:

McEnany said the Trump team is confident the president will win Pennsylvania by at least 40,000 votes, even with a “conservative estimate” of the numbers.

McEnany said the campaign also believes they will prevail in Arizona, contradicting the Tuesday night call by the Fox News Decision Desk. Trump needs roughly 57.7% of the 600,000 outstanding votes, she said, adding that she believes he will win “by about 30,000 votes.”

When asked whether the campaign believes Trump could reach the 270 required electoral votes without Arizona, McEnany said flatly, “Anything can happen.