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Kyle Rittenhouse’s mom says that Kyle was “helping people” amid the chaos, according to Fox News.

“He was there to help people,” Wendy Rittenhouse said.

“He went there, spent the night at a friend’s house before they went and cleaned graffiti up. He was always about helping people.”

“If he did not have that gun, he would have been dead.”

“When I heard the charges, I was like, how? You look at the videos. It’s all self-defense. My son didn’t go down there to hurt anybody. He was there to help people.”

Rittenhouse killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and injured a third.

“When I walked in the door, all I did was hug my son and told him I loved him.”

“He’s with me. He’s not leaving my sight.”

From Fox News:

The single mom of three insisted that the teen — who faces intentional and reckless homicide charges — was trying to protect himself he opened fire Aug. 25 during the unrest in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The mom is living with her son in an undisclosed location after he was released earlier this month on $2 million bail, thanks to contributions from supporters that included actor Ricky Schroder and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell.