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Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, owners of Atilis Gym, in New Jersey did not comply with coronavirus restrictions and face massive fines, according to The Western Journal.

Smith said, “We open every single day.”

“Gov. Murphy has thrown everything he possibly could to shut us down.”

“He has arrested my partner and I. He’s given us over 60 citations, some of them criminal.”

“He fines us $15,497.76 per day for every day that we’re in operation.”

$1.2 million total.

Not a single case of the coronavirus has been connected to Atilis.

Atilis has had 500 to 700 visitors a day, for a total of over 83,000 visits since May.

“Think of it as a Yelp directory for businesses that are defying any and all COVID restrictions. Whether that be complete shutdowns, arbitrary time limits on when they can and cannot serve alcohol or when they can’t serve food.”

“We’re going to hit that critical point where there’s too many businesses open to punish, and this whole thing will fall apart like a house of cards.”

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While Atilis does utilize safety protocols like social distancing and proper sanitation, masks are not required. Smith said less than one percent of gym-goers opt to don a mask while working out.

Despite the high traffic and lack of masks, there has been no coronavirus outbreak traced back to Atilis, Smith said.