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The Biden administration plans to allow migrants into the U.S. that have been forced to stay in Mexico while their asylum cases were being processed, according to Politico.

The Department of Homeland Security will begin the first phases of allowing migrants that have active asylum cases into U.S. borders.

The Biden administration is planning to end the Migrant Protection Protocols program.

“This latest action is another step in our commitment to reform immigration policies that do not align with our nation’s values,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said.

“Individuals who are not eligible under this initial phase should wait for further instructions and not travel to the border. Due to the current pandemic, restrictions at the border remain in place and will be enforced,” Mayorkas said.

Currently, there are around 25,000 migrants with active cases under MPP.

From Politico:

But Mayorkas warned that the administration’s latest step did not mean the border would be open to all migrants, and said that “changes will take time” — the latest warning from Biden administration officials for migrants not to come now.

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The Biden administration’s plan is to work with the Mexican government, international organizations and nongovernmental organizations in Mexico to identify eligible migrants and begin transporting them to certain ports of entry to process their cases and let them into the U.S. Details of the plan were first reported by CNN and BuzzFeed News on Thursday.

Migrants with active cases should not go to a U.S. port of entry until they receive guidance, administration officials said. Those in the first phase will be processed at three ports of entry in the first phase, with most of the work being done at two ports. (The administration officials would not disclose which are the three ports.) Officials said that once processing was up and running, they expected to be able to process up to 300 people a day at each of the two main ports.

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