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Kim Mulkey, LSU’s women’s basketball coach upset liberals when she threw down her mask and said, “Well, I’mma take this damn mask off,” according to The Blaze.

“‘Cause I have a lot to say,” Mulkey said.

LEftists took to Twitter.

“Does LSU have to pay the buy-out when we learn that she stormed the Capitol?”

“She’s employed by an institution of higher learning. How is this acceptable?”

“Does everyone in the south get a carton of cigarettes and an ounce of meth at birth, or is it just in-breeding?”

“She just lost any respect that I had for her. Any player with an ounce of ethical standards should go elsewhere. Kim obviously is a Trump supporter and should know something about physiological reactions to viruses! Pathetic.”

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“If I were a parent of a top recruit….no way I send her to play for this lunatic…..probably the most stupid introduction ever.”

“@KimMulkey you’re trash. Grow up and start acting like you care about a pandemic that has disproportionately been killing African American people โ€” women with the same color skin as the ones you profit off! I’m so sick of this woman.”

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Mulkey said, “They need to dump the COVID testing.”

“Wouldn’t it be a shame to keep COVID testing, and then you got kids that test positive or something, and they don’t get to play in the Final Four?”

More from The Blaze:

Mulkey โ€” who took Baylor University to three national championships since 2000, TMZ Sports reported — let her mask hang from her right ear as she told the crowd, “Well, I’mma take this damn mask off!”

Then she tossed it to the side:

And the cheering crowd loved it.

TMZ Sports said that before Mulkey left Baylor for the LSU job, she got some big-time attention for insisting the NCAA cease coronavirus testing at the men’s and women’s Final Four rounds so as to ensure player availability.

TMZ Sports said the NCAA didn’t agree with Mulkey and added that it was important to continue testing all the way through the end of the tournament so as to prevent an outbreak.