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A new survey has revealed that Americans that are competent voters believe that Joe Biden does not have what it takes to oversee the country in dealing with terrorism, according to The Western Journal.

The Rasmussen poll revealed that 30% of U.S. voters expressed confidence in Joe Biden concerning his ability to deal with terrorists.

Only 16% said they were somewhat confident in his ability to deal with such matters.

12% of competent voters shared that they were not very confident in his abilities to deal with matters such as terrorism.

40% expressed that they were not confident in Biden’s ability to deal with terrorist threats at all.

In the survey the following questions were asked:

• “How closely have you followed recent news reports about terrorist threats to the United States?”

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• “Which is the greater threat to the United States, foreign terrorism or domestic terrorism?”

• “Has the threat of terrorism gone up or down since Joe Biden became president? Or has the threat remained about the same?”

• “How confident are you in President Biden’s ability to deal with terrorist threats to the United States?”

• “Was the January 6 riot by some Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol a terrorist act?”

The poll was taken over the internet and over the phone.

The survey conveyed that most Americans believe that domestic terrorism is a greater threat than of foreign terrorism.

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More from The Western Journal:

According to the poll, the likelihood of Democrats concluding that domestic terrorism was a bigger threat than foreign terrorism was at 70 percent, while that of Republicans was at 42 percent and that of independents 61 percent, Newsmax reported.

Republican voters were two times more likely than their Democratic counterparts to say that the threat of terrorism has increased, according to the outlet.

Around 48 percent of survey respondents said the threat terror poses has risen since Biden took office, while 29 percent of them believe it is just the same.

Only 14 percent think the threat has gone down since Biden’s inauguration, according to Newsmax.

As for the question of whether the Jan. 6 Capitol riot counted as terrorism, respondents were split.

Forty-six percent said it was a terrorist act, according to Newsmax, while 45 percent disagreed.

Among independent voters, 47 percent said the Capitol incursion was terrorism and 45 percent said it wasn’t.