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Laura Ingraham shared multiple predictions issued by Trump on her monologue titled, “Trump Was Right,” according to The BizPac Review.

Ingraham shared a clip of her and Faucxi during an interview.

“I have faith that they are not distorting things,” Fauci stated referring to Chinese scientists that were “trained” in the U.S.

Ingraham then called out Vox for calling the theory that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan was a “conspiracy.”

“This headline from Vox captured the coverage in March 2020. They called the lab leak theory a ‘conspiracy’ and a ‘rumor’ and claimed evidence ‘to the contrary,’” she said. “Again – I want you to marinate in this for a moment – Because they didn’t like Trump, the American media, and their demigod Anthony Fauci, gave a communist regime that enslaves millions of people the benefit of the doubt on an issue that led to worldwide death and economic ruin,” Ingraham said.

“Beyond the origins of COVID, we see now that Trump was pretty much right on every major issue facing America, while Democrats and their media propagandists were wrong.”

“During the campaign, Trump repeatedly warned voters that if they chose Biden, things on the domestic and foreign policy front would start to unravel. Foreseeing how disastrous extended lockdowns would be for the economy, Trump urged all the governors to open their states.”

“For that, he was called reckless and irresponsible.”

“If it weren’t for the red states like Texas, Florida, and South Dakota embarrassing the blue states…those blue states would probably still be in full lockdown.”

“We saw this playbook all through the Bush and Obama years, and now it just looks like we’re back to that,” she said. “But if Trump were still president, the situation in Israel would be more stable and we would have significant leverage over China.”

More from BizPac Review:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham kicked off her Monday program reciting a litany of comments and predictions made by former President Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election that were ultimately proven correct.

The monologue, titled “Trump Was Right,” began with Ingraham issuing a slap at the mainstream media, declaring it “dead, cold, and buried” by highlighting a Washington Post story by Aaron Blake published earlier in the day appearing to justify “skepticism” of the theory that COVID-19 escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China because Trump promoted it.

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After mocking Blake’s conclusions, Ingraham played a clip of herself from 15 months ago when she interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci and took him to task for believing China when its Communist government denied that the virus had escaped from the country’s only Level 4 lab, which is in Wuhan.

Ingraham then played additional clips from April 2020 in which she reported that the first coronavirus patients were actually staffers at the Wuhan lab, and that China engaged in a cover-up of the virus’s origins “with the help of the World Health Organization.”

Continuing, Ingraham showed clips of Trump pushing states last summer to reopen and shun perpetual lockdowns, predicting that failing to do so would lead to massive economic disruption.

She then put up unemployment rates showing that the highest figures are mostly from blue states, far above the national average and well above jobless rates in GOP-controlled states.

Next, Ingraham showed clips of Trump urging states and cities to reopen their schools because leaving them shuttered for an extended period would be harmful for kids.

As such, many schools have remained closed or only partially open to in-person education after more than a year, which has had measurable negative effects on kids, including increased depression and suicides.

Red-state governors “figured it out,” however, and reopened first, pressuring Democrat-run states to eventually follow suit due to political pressure. “Again, Trump warned us that the economy could not fully recover unless the kids were back in school — he was right,” said Ingraham.

She also noted that Trump correctly predicted that a Biden presidency would be disastrous for America’s immigration and border policies, as well as harmful to policing, which would lead to higher crime rates.

Later, Ingraham noted that Trump warned “we shouldn’t squander our influence in the Middle East,” a reference to the recent flare-up of fighting between Israel and Hamas while suggesting that Biden’s foreign policy “is already dead in the water” while the “deep state” ignores China’s activities.