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The Daily Wire reports the Trump campaign heavily scrutinized Savannah Guthrie for her behavior during an NBC Town Hall with President Trump.

“Even though the commission canceled the in-person debate that could have happened tonight, one occurred anyway, and President Trump soundly defeated NBC’s Savannah Guthrie in her role as debate opponent and Joe Biden surrogate,” the campaign said in a statement.

“President Trump masterfully handled Guthrie’s attacks and interacted warmly and effectively with the voters in the room.”

“Over on ABC it was a completely different scene, as once again Biden was kept comfortable and away from any questions that might challenge him,” the statement continued.

“Americans can see that President Trump is leading the country, has built the economy to the best in the world once and is doing it again, and quite clearly has accomplished more in 47 months than Biden has in 47 years as a failed Washington politician.”

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More from The Daily Wire:

Media reporter Joe Concha highlighted one particular instance of Guthrie’s aggressiveness that encapsulated her hostility toward the president, writing: “Trump denounces White Supremacy multiple times. Savannah Guthrie follows by accusing Trump of dodging. This is already an absolute joke. And does the audience get to ask questions? Trump pushes back by asking why Lester Holt didn’t ask about Antifa. Trump denounces white supremacy a good four times. Guthrie: ‘It sounds like you’re dodging.’”

Political commentator and podcast host Megyn Kelly noted: “So far, this is not a town hall for voters, it is designed to appease the angry NBC employees/Dems who are pissed off Trump’s on NBC at all.”

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer wrote: “I just switched to NBC since ABC is in a commercial. Savannah Guthrie has interrupted Trump in these 60 seconds more than Stephanopoulos has done to Biden in 40 mins. NBC is an interrogation. ABC is a picnic.”